Baseball and softball coaches... Have you ever taken a FULL day after a weekend of games to compile your team and opponent’s pitching and hitting tendencies?

Do you want more time for the staff to actually coach?

What if there was a way you could store all of your team and scouting notes in an easily accessible app so that you never had to look at your old clunky binder in your office again?

With THE SCOUT BOOK, We solve that problem for you with instant in-game & post-game analysis along with team and player notes. ALL  available online.  



In Game Data Collection

Create a Custom Scouting Report

In Game Data Collection

Use our app during the game to track every pitch!  Or, use our paper score book and enter data for instant analysis later.  Add notes to each player and game to compile an in-depth scouting report for the opposing or scouted team.


Team/Player Analysis

Create a Custom Scouting Report

In Game Data Collection

Get in depth team and player analysis by pitch.  Quickly identify pitcher and hitter tendencies.  Make the adjustment in game! Scout for the next game!


Create a Custom Scouting Report

Create a Custom Scouting Report

Create a Custom Scouting Report

Imported from your game and  player analysis, the team , game and  player notes seamlessly create a scouting report to develop a game plan and call sheet. Works with both baseball and softball.


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